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The question in the CSS Profile is:Enter the amount your parents paid for all taxes, mandatory withholdings, and set-asides in 2015. Include income taxes, state taxes, local taxes, levies, and mandatory retirement payments. (Itemize the sources and amounts in Explanations/Special Circumstances (ES).)


Well, my parents don’t need to pay income taxes. The house tax paid is Rs 300 per year. I estimated total taxes to be around 10K (which includes taxes paid on house,electricity, education, health, clothing,food,etc.).Should I enter such amount in taxes paid? If yes,under what heading should I itemize the taxes? This is just an estimate and we don’t have papers to show it. Does the college ask for such papers and what should I do if they do ask? Or do I enter zero in taxes paid?

Also, is it normal that the parents haven’t filed income tax return?

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Thank you Deepak Dai.

I am from Bhaktapur. I looked at the link and I think I will be able to get the “Kar Patra” from my ward. The thing is I have to submit my CSS Profile by Nov 15. I don’t have to submit any document along with it right now. I estimated the taxes. It is just an estimate, but what if the estimate doesn’t match the amount exactly?

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    Do not enter 0 in taxes paid. Enter what your parents paid-you said 10K, so break it down and enter as per the section. I have forgotten the layout of CSS, but if there are sections that ask you to enter the tax paid on house, electricity separately then break 10K and enter separately else enter all at once. You will have to submit a paper confirming the tax paid. To know where you can obtain that paper from, read this:


    I do not know which place in Nepal you are from. Let us know that and someone from that place can answer where they obtained it from. That will help you get one for yourself.

    Follow up for further questions.

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