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I’m applying to Computer Science-General degree at the United states for January 2017 intake.

I saw somewhere in next thread (I couldn’t find it now) that I need to send an additional an additional transcripts consisting of my marks from grade 8 to 12. My high school and secondary school are different and the subjects I studied are different as well. How do I manage to make one? I’m not sure if my high school has yet made such transcripts and wanted to know more on it’s formats and samples.

Also, my high school-Science internal marks in Mathemactics are not good and I’m failed in many. However, my Mathematics HSEB marks are around 90 so that I don’t want to send them internal ones. Will it be okay or I need to add them in the additional transcripts as well?

Can anyone one help me with posting their own, masking the personal details and other stuffs for just an overview?

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Regarding the transcripts, it does not matter. You will be submitting two transcripts. One for 8, 9 and 10 and another for 11 and 12.

I think it is better to include your internal results as well. Having less marks during the internals and more on the finals shows your improvement. It might actually help you. US universities prefer students who are constantly working to improve themselves and this might say something about you.

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    Also read the answers here for more info: http://collegesodhpuch.com/home/question/how-to-apply-for-abroad-study-scholarship-in-bachelor/

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