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Hey there.

Could you suggest me some safety colleges so that I could devise a good collegiate plan. I know the word ‘safety’ is quite tricky, as one’s safety could be other’s dream and vice versa. Well, anyways, my credentials are pretty good. I have an SAT score of 1500 and plus two score of 82% in average. Please, help me guys.

Also, I would like to offer gratitude to Krishna and team for providing us Nepalese a platform to discuus about our college plans. This is like a Nepali version of CC; but better. 🙂

Deepak Shah answered
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Hi Eman,

Here are links that will help you decide:

  1. http://collegesodhpuch.com/resources/potential-us-universities-for-nepalese-students/
  2. http://collegesodhpuch.com/home/question/safety-colleges/
  3. https://magoosh.com/hs/sat/2016/sat-score-range-good-score-colleges

College Confidential filters colleges based on your stats. If you click the link and go to advanced search and filter based on your SATs and other criterias, you should get a list of safety colleges.

Here is another list of safety colleges:

My advice would be to come up with a safety list of your own rather than lists produced anywhere else.

Hope it helps.

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