About cheap universities in USA for international students!

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Hello there!

Can you provide me name list of US universities which are popular as well as cheap.I want to have course on bachelor of science with physics major in US university.


And are their any sorts of universities in US where they provide scholarship to students who had done IELTS only? Can you name ,few?


And is university of TEXAS cheaper?


Thank you!

Anonymous answered

Most of the state universities ar cheap as they receive funds from government however it is very difficult to get financial aid there. Also if you are looking for cheap colleges look at colleges that are in the country side. If the colleges are in the cities the lodging and fooding cost will be expensive. This list below might give you some idea. Go through the list and see how good their physics program is . Do they have good research and professors for the area are interested. www.graduateshotline.com/costs.html#.V7ZdEHgXerU

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