College Sodhpuch has been designed for the college bound students where students can ask for help when there is any kind of confusion while applying to colleges in any part part of the world. Unlike many other online forums College SodhPuch is primarily catered to Nepalese Students. The questions asked will be answered by members of our answer-team(consists of Nepali students studying all over the world) for free of cost. We will also be more than happy to connect with students via Skype or other social media and share our experiences. Feel free to contact any of us via social media.

College SodhPuch is not a consultancy and we do not get paid for responding to you all. We are just a bunch of Nepalese students, who think our experiences can be helpful for the other Nepalese willing to apply to colleges in different parts of the world including in Nepal.  It’s a place where experienced students wholeheartedly share their experiences to aspiring students to help them make an informed decision which might be life changing as it has been in our case without any intentions of financial gain. Our aim is to depart information about educational opportunities free of cost to everyone.

Krishna Gaire
Site Administrator
Krishna completed his International Baccalaureate Diploma from Pestalozzi International Village in the UK. He is now in New York University in Abu Dhabi studying Computer Science.
Shishir Dhakal
Site Administrator
Currently pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering and Management(Co-op) at McMaster University located in Hamilton, ON, Shishir is always looking for newer opportunities to help create a positive change in the society.
Abhishek Gaire
Site Administrator
A recent high school graduate, Abhishek is always looking for new challenges, experiences and opportunities. He is keen about meeting new people and travelling the world.
Deepak Shah
Site Administrator
Currently pursuing Computer Science degree at St. Olaf, Deepak Shah is passionate about providing tech-equality in all parts of the world. Having grown up in a remote village in the southern border of Nepal, he wants to fill the gap the technology has created in the present world.
Prabhat Giri
Site Administrator
Currently pursuing Software Engineering degree at Naaya Aayam Multidisciplinary Institute. Prabhat wants to learn to tackle any difficulty that occurs in every aspects of life.